NEW Monster Throne update is OUT! V 0.1.3

I feel like every release so far has been cutting it crazy close to when we wanted to release HAHA. But I really wanted to commit to making the monthly updates. It's gonna take a few more months to really start making the builds something epic, but were getting closer every time! I can feel us getting faster and better every build :3


  • Updated a BUNCH and I mean a BUUUUUNCH of bugs, the public playtest was epic  but it revealed a bunch of new issues. More than half the month was spent on these. Especial thanks to Navnik and larc for their incredible detailed reports on several tricky to replicate issues.
  • New dialog system! Since gameplay is king in games, I implemented a new dialog system that will let the characters talk organically while the player is playing. Letting me and Donna get more story in while you're getting more gameplay
  • -Nearly twice as many rooms as before. The first zone is basically completed
  • More story of course.
  • New emotes for Jack and Hex.

    As usual, please let me know if you find any bugs so that I may fix them for the next build. Thanks!


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Oct 02, 2022

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